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VARO is serving conventional energies to a large network of B2B, retail customers and consumers across Europe.

VARO offers a variety of products such as diesel and gasoline (for transportation), heating oil (for homes), fuel oil (for ships), aviation fuel (for aircraft), bitumen (for road construction), and LPG.

All of our conventional energies are either produced at our two manufacturing hubs or purchased at other locations and marketed through our large network of distribution points, retail locations and via delivery services across Europe. This includes our network of inland bunker stations, ship bunker and heating oil deliveries.

The priority for our conventional energy business is to continue to operate safely and reliably, to reduce carbon intensity and to provide the energy security that is essential for our customers.



VARO provides large volumes of products at wholesale prices for clients to successfully conduct their business.

Through our integrated fuel supply chain we provide all of our local and European customers with a secure and reliable supply of high quality products at competitive prices across Europe. We know that receiving the right products at the right time is essential for our local customers’ business, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

VARO’s unique model provides integrated end-to-end optimisation to safely and reliably supply the conventional energies our customers need today.

Julian Stoll EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Operations and Infrastructure
Julian Stoll

Marine energy solutions

VARO offers the largest inland bunkering network in Europe. We operate under the name REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker, a brand with over 90 years of experience, making us Europe's number one supplier to inland waterways and cruise ships.

Our REINPLUS FIWADO bunkering stations provide gas oil, diesel, lubricating oil and marine supplies to inland waterways, but we don't stop there. We also include mail delivery, on-board supplies and drinking water supply at these locations to maximise customer service. We proudly own 36 bunkering stations throughout the Rhine River area.

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Retail stations

VARO owns and operates 200+ manned and unmanned retail stations to date. It operates under the brand names Argos, amiGo and EPT.


Our network

VARO has a wide infrastructure network in Europe that produces, stores and distributes energies for its customers.

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Consume differently, emit less.

VARO provides several solutions for its customers to meet the rising demand for energies with minimal impact on the environment and to enable them to reach their decarbonisation and emission reduction targets.

Sustainable energy solutions