Our values

Our people-values

VARO's success is built on a shared sense of responsibility and respect for people and our planet.

Our values

Embrace challenge

  • We are open to new ideas to challenge our thinking
  • We turn challenges into opportunities
  • We are eager to learn and grow

Aim high

  • We are entrepreneurial with a shared purpose
  • We push ourselves, our business, and our industry into unchartered territories
  • We strive for success and overcome adversity

Solve together

  • We take collective responsibility for the safety of all
  • We build diverse teams to unlock our full potential
  • We invest in strong partnerships & know-how

Drive pace

  • We have an agile can-do mindset and deliver on our promises
  • We are restless with the status quo
  • We make rapid progress because of the foundations we have built
Varo Energy Brand Values 03 Outline

At VARO we always aim high, we challenge the status quo and we solve together. This is how we act to make a difference for our world and drive the pace of change in our industry.

Jeremy Baines EVP Customers, Trading & Commercial Optimisation
Jeremy Baines