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Legal Information

1. General information

VARO has launched the website for the personal information of its users. VARO takes every reasonable effort to allow round-the-clock access to the website, seven days a week, except in circumstances beyond its control and subject to any downtimes and necessary maintenance operations of the websites and services. Consequently, VARO cannot guarantee the availability of the website and/or services, or reliability of the transmissions and performances in terms of response time and quality. VARO’s responsibility cannot be invoked if the website cannot be accessed and/or the services cannot be used.

2. Liability for content

The information and recommendations on this website are provided in good faith. VARO takes the greatest care and do its utmost to disseminate quality information on the website. However, VARO cannot guarantee that the content is correct, complete and up to date. The use of the content of VARO’s website takes place at the user’s own risk.

As a service provider VARO is responsible for the content of the website. However, concerning third party information that was transmitted or downloaded, VARO is not obligated to monitor it or investigate circumstances that may suggest an unlawful activity. This is without prejudice to a possible obligation provided by the general law to remove or block information. A liability can only occur if VARO has certain knowledge of a specific infringement of rights. As soon as VARO becomes aware of such an infringement of rights, an immediate removal of such content will follow. Information on VARO’s website should not be considered as recommendation to use information, services, products, procedures, equipment or formulations at variance with a patent, copyright or registered trademark. Contributions that are especially marked represent the respective author’s individual opinion and do not necessarily reflect VARO’s opinion. VARO declines any express or implicit responsibility if the use of this information were to infringe a patent, copyright or registered trademark.

The information and/or documents appearing on the website may be amended at any time, and may have been updated. In particular, they may have been updated between the time when the user downloads them and later reads them. The information is given for guidance alone and cannot be considered as a contractual offering by VARO. Errors or omissions may occur. The mere use of VARO’s website does not result in a contractual relationship between the user and VARO.

Access to the products and services presented on this website may be the subject of restrictions. The user must therefore ensure that the laws of the country, in which the user connects to the internet authorises the access to this website.

3. Liability for links

This website contains links, which lead to external third party websites. VARO has no influence on the content of these external websites. Therefore, it is not possible for VARO to assume any liability for such content. The respective provider/operator of the corresponding websites is responsible for such content. Without specific indication VARO may not reasonably be expected to examine the content of linked third party websites. As soon as knowledge of an infringement is gained, the respective link will be removed immediately.

4. Legal validity of the exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability is to be considered as a part of VARO’s internet presence, from which a reference is made to this legal information. Should parts or individual formulations of this legal information not or no longer or not entirely be in accordance with the current legal situation the remaining parts of this exclusion of liability regarding content and validity shall remain unaffected.

5. Intellectual property

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, videos, databases and any works included in this website are VARO’s property or the property of third parties that have granted VARO the authorization for use. Third party content is the intellectual property of the respective third party and is protected by copyright. Without written consent of the respective creator or author the works or contents must not be reproduced, edited, distributed and used. Paper or data-processing reproductions, of said website and of the works reproduced there, are authorised subject to them being strictly reserved for personal use excluding any use for advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes. As soon as VARO becomes aware of an infringement of rights, an immediate removal of the respective content will follow. Except for the aforementioned provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or amendment, by whatever process and on whatever medium, of all or part of this website, or of all or part of the various works of which this website is formed, is strictly forbidden without having obtained VARO’s prior authorization.

The VARO name, the associated slogans, logos and graphical representations as well as the names of VARO’s products must not be used without VARO’s written authorisation. Subject to these provisions, the user must neither copy nor alter or reproduce the information and elements appearing on this website in whatever manner. Furthermore, the user is not permitted to influence this website or act in a manner infringing VARO’s intellectual property rights or those of third parties that have granted VARO the authorization for use. Where it is not expressly authorized by VARO’s General Terms and Conditions or these provisions, it is strictly forbidden to use VARO’s intellectual property rights or those of a third party that has granted VARO the authorization for use.

6. Data protection

If the user visits VARO’s website information concerning the access (e.g. date, time and viewed websites) may be stored. This data does not involve any personal data. Such data is anonymised and is exclusively analysed for statistical reasons. A transfer to a third party – for commercial or non-commercial reasons – will not occur.

This website may regularly be used without providing personal data. However, if such data (e.g. email address, postal address or name) has to be provided, the disclosure of such data by the user is made on an expressly voluntary basis. Any sharing of this data may only occur if the user has expressly agreed.

VARO has to point out that the transmission of data in the internet may be subject to security vulnerabilities. It is therefore possible that third parties may gain access to this data. Regarding this a complete protection is not possible.

The use of contact data provided within the scope of the imprint or comparable date, such as postal address, telephone- or fax-number as well as e-mail-address, by third parties for marketing purposes of not expressly requested information, spam-emails or advertising is not allowed. In case of a violation of this prohibition VARO reserves the right to take legal measures against it.

7. Gender equality

The text and wording used by VARO mostly uses only one gender form to make it more readable. Unaffected by this, all information and data of VARO’s website refer to all genders.