Distribution infrastructure


Our large network of terminals and storage tanks provide our customers with a secure and reliable supply of high quality energies at competitive prices.

VARO’s distribution and storage assets consist of 42 terminals.

These terminals are in Belgium (8 locations), France (3 locations), Germany (17 locations), the Netherlands (8 locations) and Switzerland (6 locations).

The combined storage capacity of all the terminals is around 3 million cubic meters. The majority of our terminals are connected either to the railway or with the inland waterways.

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A reliable and efficient logistics network is a key element in delivering energy to our customers.

Apart from pipeline transportation, VARO’s major logistics channels are rail and marine transportation, and to a lesser extent, heavy-duty vehicle transportation. Rail transportation is used from supply points to VARO manufacturing hubs, or to deliver products to terminals. VARO leases 1,264 rail tank cars (RTCs) from several rail freight vehicle companies – especially in Switzerland and Germany.

VARO has developed projects to improve railroad infrastructure in Europe, such as our cooperation with GPS Group, a growing storage and logistics provider in Amsterdam. This strategic partnership has resulted in the construction of a new railway line and ethanol storage tanks at the Port of Amsterdam, to provide greater flexibility and an alternative to freight along the Rhine.

Read more about our strategic partnership.

VARO owns 42 tank terminals across Europe in order to provide safe, proximity service to our customers.

Pascale Begert Terminals and Distribution Director, Switzerland
Pascale Begert

Our network

VARO has a wide infrastructure network in Europe that produces, stores and distributes energies for its customers.

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