Accelerating the future of sustainable energies


ESG strategy

At VARO, we aim to be the energy transition partner of choice for reliable, accessible and sustainable energy solutions. Our ESG strategy is central to our plan for long-term value creation and is based on industry-leading, rigorous and transparent ESG targets.

Its main driver is our push to achieve Net Zero by 2040. Our role in the energy industry provides us with valuable insights that enable us to empower our customers as they pursue their own decarbonisation ambitions.

Key to meeting our objectives is partnering with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to deliver energy solutions that meet the world’s changing energy needs.

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ESG is an essential part of our ONE VARO Transformation strategy, through which we redefine customer solutions to enable the transition to sustainable energies.

Ernestina Benedetto EVP Strategy and Transformation
Ernestina Benedetto

ESG at a glance

Preparing for our future

At VARO, the long-term vision for our business and our ESG strategy are inextricably linked and mutually reinforcing. We are committed to both providing energy security and accelerating the transition. Our industry-leading Net Zero target drives not only ambitions for our operations, but also our commitment to support our customers’ decarbonisation journey.

Read our latest ESG report

Net Zero

by 2040 in Scopes 1, 2 & 3


absolute reduction of Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030 (vs. 2022)


carbon intensity reduction in Scope 3 by 2030 (vs. 2022)


renewable electricity in operations by 2030