VARO starts supply of VLSFO marine fuels in Bremerhaven in addition to port of Hamburg


Cham, 21st October 2019 - VARO Energy (“VARO”), a company active in refining, storage and marketing of fuels and related products in North West Europe informs that it’s expanding the supply of marine fuels to customers in Bremerhaven.

VARO already has a strong presence in the port of Hamburg from where it serves all locations on the river Elbe, including Kiel Canal.

As of today, VARO’s state of the art supply barges (2 barges of 4150mt DWT) are operating in Hamburg (and surrounding area). 1 barge of 1850mt DWT (operating in Bremerhaven and surrounding area) will be delivering marine fuels produced in the company’s own refineries to customers across both ports. VLSFO (very low sulphur fuel oil) Bunker as well as gasoil with 0.1 % sulphur will be available in Bremerhaven. The full marine product portfolio consisting of HSFO, VLSFO and gasoil will be supplied in Hamburg. VLSFO with a sulphur content of max 0.50% is fully compliant with the new IMO 2020 regulation taking effect on 1st January 2020.

Chris Venema, who heads VARO’s fuel oil bunkering business, said:  “Offering choice to our many international clients is a key driver for VARO. As a fully integrated fuels value chain supplier, we cover the full process from production to the delivery to our customers, which provides us with the flexibility required to meet market demand while ensuring good quality, which our partners value highly.”

For further information please contact VARO’s Bunkering team in Hamburg: [email protected]

For further information, please contact

Florence Lebeau, PR & Communication Manager.

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