VARO’s subsidiary REINPLUS FIWADO, GoodFuels and Nederlands Loodswezen develop partnership to supply more sustainable biofuels



CHAM, April, 5th 2019: VARO’s REINPLUS FIWADO and Nederlands Loodswezen announce further development of fleet with sustainable biofuels, to realize high sustainability ambitions. In 2018 Loodswezen gained successful experience with a large pilot vessel and tender. As of today all vessels in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region will be bunkered with a 30% biofuel blend. By using these biofuels the company reaches a CO2-reduction of 25% compared with traditional fuel. GoodFuels and partner REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker are providing the vessels with this advanced biofuels.

Using GoodFuels’ advanced biofuel is one of the three actions Loodswezen is taking to reduce their CO2-emissions. By using a 30% biofuel blend for the vessels in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region they realize an overall CO2-reduction of 10%, with the ambition to  further expand to other bunker areas. Next to this, Loodswezen is using lighter vessels (from 54 to 42 ton) and focuses on efficient shipping. GoodFuels and Nederlands Loodswezen are entering a long-term partnership with the aim to extend the use of the GoodFuels’ 30% biofuel blend to other regions in the future.

Nederlands Loodswezen is the Dutch organisation, which contributes to the safe and efficient handling of shipping traffic. The 450 registered pilots take care of the pilotage of sea-going vessels. With their current knowledge of tides, currents, procedures, traffic flows, ports and berths, they serve as advisors to the captain. All registered pilots significantly contribute to the safety of ports on a 24/7-basis.

Mark Snijders, Head of Acquisitions at Nederlands Loodswezen: “We operate in coastal areas and that’s why it is essential to reduce the emissions of our vessels. Besides CO2, the implementation of biofuels also realizes significant reductions in sulphur, nitrogen and particulate matter. Other than that, it is highly important that the biofuels used are produced in a sustainable way, and from sustainable feedstocks. Therefore, GoodFuels is the right partner for us.”

Isabel Welten, Head of Marine at GoodFuels: Nederlands Loodswezen is a great example of a customer that looks beyond CO2 emission reductions - they want to be sure that their actions benefit people, environment and society. GoodFuels works exclusively with sustainable biofuels made from certified waste streams and residues that cannot serve another purpose. Nederlands Loodswezen and GoodFuels found each other in taking this pioneers’ role."

Robert de Jong, Sales Managers at REINPLUS FIWADO: “REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker and Loodswezen have been proud partners for more than twenty years now. Given the climate ambitions, more companies want to use sustainable biofuels, like Loodswezen. We started testing two years ago  to ensure our products meet the market’s demand and standards. The results are positive and we look forward to a further rollout of GoodFuels within Nederlands Loodswezen.”

About Nederlands Loodswezen BV

NLBV is an organisation which focuses specifically on supporting registered pilots in the execution of their professional duties. The services consist of administrative tasks and transport pilots to and from sea-going ships. With some 424 dedicated employees, we offer these services round the clock. NLBV does this from the office in Hook of Holland and four regions.
About GoodFuels

GoodFuels is a Netherland’s based pioneer and global market leader in sales, marketing, trading, R&D and production of 2nd generation sustainable biofuels for these transport segments for which biofuels is one of the best or only viable alternatives in the foreseeable future. The easy-to-use drop-in sustainable biofuels can be used directly in the diesel engines without modifications to the ship or tank infrastructure and reduce the CO2-footprint up to 90% (well-to-wheel). All sustainable biofuels from GoodFuels are made out of feedstock that is labelled a waste or residue and meet the highest sustainability requirements. GoodFuels has an independent sustainability board consisting of leading academic and NGO's in the field of sustainable biofuels and transport, thereby giving an extra sustainability guarantee on top of our certifications.
About REINPLUS FIWADO bunker |

REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker is the largest independent bunker company for the Rhine and Inland Navigation in Europe and is represented on the main waterways with a strategic network of its own, modernly equipped bunker stations and bunker boats. Not only in the major seaports such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam but far into the European hinterland, REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker supplies the Rhine and inland shipping with high-quality fuels (diesel, gas oil) and all A-brands of lubricating oil, day and night. In addition, all bunker stations and boats have a wide range of marine supplies and food for sale. REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker is part of the integrated fuel supplier VARO Energy.
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