VARO organises first Bitumen Symposium in Bad Gögging


The energy sector is changing and this is also affecting the bitumen product line. On 7 March VARO Energy Germany invited the main players on the German bitumen market to the 1st Bitumen Symposium in Bad Gögging, where experts were able to talk openly about key topics. 

The participant list consisting of building contractors, asphalt producers, laboratories, institutes for testing and professional associations from Germany and Austria discussed openly about the challenges of the industry and outlined possible solutions.
This year, experts from the industry focused on the production and additives of bitumen. In addition, presentations were given on the advantages of SBS (polymer-modified) vs. RmB (rubber-modified) bitumen and the safe handling of bitumen.

 "The event was very varied thanks to lively discussions and statements," commented Wolfgang Stopfer, Head of Civil Engineering Purchasing at Guggenberger GmbH. 

The fact that bitumen and not asphalt was the focal point of the event was welcomed. 

Can you tell the difference? Asphalt is when bitumen is enriched with minerals. 
In addition to the technical aspects, the social exchange among the participants was very enjoyable. The industry is expected to meet again in 2020 for the biennial established conference, the "German Asphalt Days in Berchtesgaden". 

VARO is already looking forward to its second Bitumen Symposium in spring 2021.