VARO now supplying VLSFO marine fuels in Kiel, beside Port of Hamburg and Bremerhaven


Following the introduction of very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) for the marine sector early 2020, VARO Energy (“VARO”), a company active in refining, storage and marketing of fuels and related products in North West Europe is now expanding the supply of its marine fuels to customers in Kiel, where it proposes high sulphur, low sulphur fuels besides Gasoil DMA 0.1% und Gasoil DMA 0.1% max 0.8600 density.

VARO already has a strong presence in the port of Hamburg from where it serves all locations on the river Elbe, including Kiel Canal which connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea, and is also offering its full range of products to customers in Bremerhaven.

In Kiel, customers can chose between barge delivery, with one of our modern barges or pipeline delivery directly to the vessel, which brings advantages in terms of time efficiency and safety, as this process is less dependent on weather conditions. The new types of products, which are fully compliant with the IMO 2020 regulation introduced last year, are produced in the company’s own refineries.

“The addition of these modern products to our station in Kiel is VARO’s confirmation of the company’s commitment to our international customers to deliver the products they need, when and where these are required. Being a fully integrated actor in our market provides us with the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing requirements and is something that differentiates VARO from other actors in the sector”, says Chris Venema, Head of VARO’s fuel oil bunkering business.
For further information please contact VARO’s Bunkering team in Hamburg: [email protected]
About VARO Energy
VARO Energy (“VARO”) is an energy company operating throughout the complete downstream fuel supply chain with refining, storage, blending, distribution, sales and marketing assets. It safely delivers high-quality fuels from fossil and renewable sources to its national and international business customers and end-consumers.

The company owns a refinery in Cressier, Switzerland, a majority share in the Bayernoil refinery, Southern Germany, as well as storage facilities, distribution and marketing businesses in Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland.

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