VARO enters eMobility solutions through acquisition of stake in E-Flux


Sustainable energies

Cham, 6th October 2021 - Today, VARO Energy (“VARO”), a leading energy company active in Europe, announced that the company has signed an agreement to acquire 49,5 % of the shares in E-Flux, a Dutch technology company that provides software for electric vehicle charging. Through this investment, VARO is entering the electric vehicle (EV) solutions market, thereby further demonstrating the company’s commitment to making sustainable energy accessible and affordable to keep people, societies and the world in motion.

The expansion of VARO’s portfolio is key to continue to meet customers’ evolving needs and will further help the company achieve its ambition of being a leader in the supply of lower carbon energy solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

The E-Flux platform provides key eMobility services by connecting EV-drivers to an extensive EV-charging infrastructure. The platform holds a pivotal role in the EV Charging ecosystem and functions as a spider web to enable continuous EV Charging operation.

“A compelling EV offering is important to our customers as they transition to new energy solutions”, said Julian Stoll, VARO’s interim CEO. “For VARO, eMobility represents an important step forward to support the electrification of the European vehicle fleet and thus accelerate the transition.  This investment also builds a bridge between fossil and renewables energies, which is crucial to enhancing our ability to service VARO’s customers of today and tomorrow.”

 CEO of E-Flux Vincent van Vaalen stated: “Since the early days of eMobility, E-Flux has been providing a software platform to service its clients by connecting EV chargers to charging transactions and has thereby made it possible for its clients to efficiently, reliably and easily manage their e-fleet and related costs. We’re delighted that with VARO as our partner we will be able to further develop our sustainable and reliable solutions to our valued clients.”


VARO Energy (“VARO”) is an energy company operating throughout the complete downstream fuel supply chain with refining, storage, blending, distribution, sales and marketing assets. It safely delivers high-quality fuels from fossil and renewable sources to its national and international business customers and end-consumers.

The company owns a refinery in Cressier, Switzerland, a majority share in the Bayernoil refinery, Southern Germany, as well as storage facilities, distribution and marketing businesses in Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland.

VARO Energy owns a 51% stake in SilviCarbon, a global leader in nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) and – as of 1st October 2021 – a 49.5% share in E-Flux, a  leading provider of electric vehicle charging software.

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E-Flux is a technology company that builds infrastructure for eMobility. From the foundation in 2017, E-Flux has become one of the leading platforms in the eMobility market.

In the past years, E-Flux has grown a large partner network that exists out of installation companies, manufacturers of EV chargers and distributors. E-Flux focuses purely on developing a high-grade EV platform and offers services to ensure a reliable charging solution. By combining forces with partners, they offer an industry-leading solution for business of every size.

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