VARO and Royal Koopmans: supporting our partners in their journey towards sustainability


At VARO, we are deeply committed to supporting our partners and customers in their journey towards sustainability. Our collaboration with Royal Koopmans Foodcoatings & Ingredients, a leading innovator in grain ingredients, exemplifies this commitment.

Together, we have embarked on a transformative journey, culminating in the launch of the first Dutch “wheat ship” powered by HVO100 biofuel. Through our marine energy solutions company, REINPLUS FIWADO, we have ensured a seamless supply of HVO100 biofuel, enabling Royal Koopmans to pioneer sustainable shipping.

Using HVO100, the total transport by ship saves as much as 44,363.2 kg of CO2, equivalent to the amount of CO₂ from almost 65 air journeys from Amsterdam to Rome. This initiative contributes to the ambition to already achieve a 35-50% CO₂ reduction in inland shipping by 2023 and to be emission-free and climate-neutral by 2050, as set out in the Green Deal on Sea Transport, Inland Shipping and Harbours.

By investing in collaborative efforts with progressive partners like NPRC, CZAV, and VOF Sympathie Shipping, we have created a network of support aimed at driving positive change in the grain chain and which marks a significant advancement in maritime transportation.
Learn more through this Royal Koopmans video, also featuring VARO.