Rotterdam & Baar office


We have chosen to move our headquarters from Cham to Baar, both located in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland.

This is a very exciting project for us and our new head office will be in a new building called “Quadrolith” which is designed to meet the changing needs of our workforce.

The building has some key features which we are excited about:

  • modern, with strong sustainability credentials, including sustainable energy supply;
  • more meeting spaces which will further foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship, a key VARO strength;
  • socially inclusive facilities which employ people with special needs;
  • larger office space which allows us to grow as it has a 25% more surface area than our current office; and
  • dynamic environment with leading companies in pharma, biotechnology, finance, etc.

The move will take place in early 2023, and we are actively working on the design to make it a great place to work and welcome our partners.

On the heels of our recently announced head office move to Baar in the Canton of Zug, VARO in Rotterdam will also be moving offices to a building which reflects core elements of our transformation – modern, progressive, sustainable and collaborative.

These are significant investments in our workspace and reflect the importance of people in accelerating this transformation.

Located at the iconic World Port Center, our new home is in the heart of Rotterdam. We intend to move there early in 2023.

The area is connected to great public transportation and our building has strong sustainability credentials:

  • Power: 100% green.
  • Energy ranking: Energy label A.
  • Cooling: cooling water from river Maas.
  • Heat: district heating

And of course, being in the Port, it connects our multi-national business with the rich trading heritage of the Netherlands!

For further information, please contact

Florence Lebeau
Phone: +41 79 546 66 31
Email: [email protected]