Publication of VARO’s ESG report 2023


We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest Environmental, Social and Governance report, which outlines how VARO is working to ensure a more sustainable future.

As the ESG landscape continues to evolve, we are committed towards a more integrated approach where sustainability is not an add-on but a core component of our business strategy and operations.

The report highlights the progress we have made towards our ESG goals, over the past year, as well as how we have supported our customers in their own decarbonisation journey. Some of the past year’s achievements include:

  • 6 million tonnes CO2e emissions saved by our customers using VARO-distributed biofuels, up 11% compared with 2022.
  • 87% electricity from certified renewable sources. This is 30% above our 2023 targets.
  • 10% YoY growth in renewable energy content in sales, in line with our target.
  • 22% women in senior positions, vs.16% in 2022.
  • Largest ground-mounted solar facility in Switzerland at our Cressier manufacturing hub, which will meet up to 60% of its electricity needs at peak production.
  • Scaling of our biogas capabilities with the acquisition of 80% share in Bio Energy Coevorden and 100% share in RES. Specifically, 42,500 tonnes CO2e emissions saved by customers using biogas from VARO Biogas Coevorden.
  • Launch of our first Human Rights Policy.
  • Strategic partnerships to support partners like Port of Rotterdam and Höegh Autoliners in their decarbonisation journey.

To find out more about how VARO’s integrated portfolio of accessible, reliable and sustainable solutions is driving the energy transition, click on the full report here.

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