Partnership for sustainable inland shipping between subsidiary REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker and GoodFuels Marine Biofuels


Cham, 25 January 2018  VARO Energy today announced a new collaboration between REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker and GoodFuels Marine. This partnership will create more availability for sustainable advanced marine biofuels from GoodFuels Marine at the port of Rotterdam, and to inland shipping routes in the Netherlands through the REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker network. This will lead to more sustainability in European inland shipping.

REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker supplies fuels to inland vessels throughout North West Europe. Thanks to the collaboration with GoodFuels Marine, advanced marine biofuels will be available for inland and coastal vessels, thereby supporting climate and emissions requirements for inland shipping fleet.
Further expansion of biofuels in portfolio

CEO of VARO Energy Roger Brown commented: “The collaboration with GoodFuels creates more choice for our bunkering customers and is a natural extension of our portfolio, which already includes biofuels, such as biodiesel and bio-gasoline for other means of transportation. It responds to an increasing demand for alternative shipping fuels in European markets.”
Savings and improvement

GoodFuels Marine's sustainable biofuels have been specifically developed for shipping. They reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 per cent and sulphur emissions by 100%, compared with fossil fuels, helping to significantly improve air quality. Biofuels are suitable for every type of marine engine, without requiring any modifications.
Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels Marine: "We are very pleased that this collaboration will enable us to offer one of the most climate-friendly options for shipping through the largest inland bunker network in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region. We are confident that we will further accelerate the sustainability of shipping."

REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker, part of VARO Energy, is the largest independent bunkering company on the Rhine serving inland shipping across Europe.  It has been active since 1925. Within Europe, REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker is represented on the main waterways with its own strategic network of modern equipped bunker stations and bunker boats. REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker distributes products including gas oil, lubricating oil and ship supplies for inland navigation. REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker has been part of VARO Energy since 2015. VARO Energy is active in the refining, storage and distribution of oil products for the Northwest European market. For more information about REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker visit and for VARO visit
About GoodFuels Marine

GoodFuels develops and supplies sustainable next-generation biofuels and is active in maritime shipping, heavy road transport, rail transport, inland shipping and industrial machinery. GoodFuels fuels are a direct replacement for fossil fuel without modifications to the engine (drop-in) and reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 90% (well-to-wheel). All GoodFuels biofuels are made from waste and residual streams for 100% and satisfy the toughest sustainability requirements. GoodFuels complies with the RSB standard and features an independent sustainability board made up of leading NGOs and academics, which advises GoodFuels on the sustainability of each individual biofuel. GoodFuels is part of the GoodNRG group

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