Participation in COP 28 UAE


Our CEO attended COP 28 UAE, held in Dubai. Reflecting on the impact of the conference, he mentioned that it holds the potential to inspire hope and meaningful action. To do so, it is critical to define actionable solutions to the climate crisis. To keep 1.5C within reach, we must reduce 22 gigatons of emissions before 2030. At VARO, we see this is a collective goal, one that requires collaboration across society, governments, industries and sectors.

As part of our ONE VARO Transformation strategy, we intend to invest $3.5 billion, with two-thirds committed to sustainable energies. At the same time, we will continue to invest in our existing facilities, repurposing them progressively.

We recently announced our investment in building a large-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) facility in an existing manufacturing hub and just last week, announced a further acquisition in e-Mobility to integrate and scale-up our business in this area.

The themes of COP 28 resonate greatly with what we are doing at VARO. We want to accelerate the energy transition in a just and orderly way, to enhance the financing required for this, and to propel technology and innovation.

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