Panel discussion at Delphi Economic Forum: Energy Security in the Course to Net Zero


During the recent Delphi Economic Forum our CEO, Dev Sanyal participated in a panel discussion on “Energy Security in the Course to Net Zero” with Lord Francis Maude, Prof. Yannis Maniatis , fmr. Minister of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Nikos Tsafos, Chief Energy Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, John Karydas, CEO Renewables Copelouzos Group, Aristotelis Chantavas, CEO, Principia.
Addressing the pathway to achieving a secure, sustainable, and affordable transition, he highlighted five elements.

First, a more multidimensional view on energy security and affordability. At VARO, our integrated portfolio of energy solutions is addressing that.

Second, building businesses which are economically viable, socially acceptable and politically relevant, with a convergence of collaboration between industry and customers, regulators and consumers.

Third, a practical approach to the energy transition, where conventional energies partner with renewable energies. We invest in both conventional energies and sustainable energies.

Fourth, a stable regulatory construct which accelerates investments.
Fifth, repurposing of existing infrastructure and capabilities. VARO is investing in that.

Disciplined ambition is key. This means making sure we are building things which work in an economically efficient and sustainable way. At VARO, we are investing $3.5 billion in the transition while ensuring energy security and affordability.

Below is an extract from the panel discussion.