Newly founded Transhydrogen Alliance announces collaboration to bring Green Ammonia to the European Market


Schiedam, the Netherlands, 23rd March 2021 - Proton Ventures BV, an engineering and development company in the Netherlands, Dubai-based Trammo DMCC,  a subsidiary of Trammo, Inc., a leading global commodities merchandising and trading company and market leader in anhydrous ammonia, VARO, a European mid- and downstream energy company, and the Port of Rotterdam signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for a joint initiative and mutual cooperation on the production and import of green hydrogen and green ammonia into Europe via Rotterdam, as well as worldwide export thereof from selected locations.

The consortium of parties (collectively, “The Transhydrogen Alliance”) intends to start its collaboration with an initial project for the production of green hydrogen produced from solar and wind rich areas and the import of such hydrogen in the form of green ammonia into Europe, thus offering a completely carbon-free solution to the market. The initial project is expected to be completed by 2024.
Based on the success of the initial project, “Transhydrogen Alliance” will target the import up to 500,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, which approximates 2.5 Million tonnes green ammonia, via the Port of Rotterdam. Producing large amounts of green hydrogen at competitive terms is a key element for all parties involved.
Through the partnership of the different actors in technology, logistics and sales, the group can manage the entire process in the green hydrogen and green ammonia supply chain
The representatives of the companies involved in the venture had the following comments

Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO of Proton Ventures: “Transhydrogen Alliance offers a fully integrated supply solution, with reduced costs for the import of green hydrogen and green ammonia into Europe. Through advanced technology we can make green energy available at an affordable cost. Proton Ventures, with its team of dedicated engineers, has been working on its state-of-the-art technology for over 10 years and in combination with renewable energy cost reductions our vision is becoming reality. We are very excited to be part of this group and look forward to working together with current participants as front runners in the energy transition.”
Christophe Savi, Head of  Trammo’s Ammonia Division: “Trammo is proud to participate in the project and to help to advance the transition of the global Ammonia supply chain as well as the distribution of green energy such as Hydrogen. We are excited to work with a stimulating and engaging group of partners who seek to progress rapidly in achieving our shared goal of producing and providing to the industry a safe, clean and economically sustainable product.”  
Theo Pannekeet, VARO’s Head of Renewables: “VARO is excited to be part of this consortium that aims to bring this green multi-purpose product to a center stage in the energy transition. The solution developed in collaboration with our partner is a great example of how existing technologies can be used to find innovative ways to address the future through new sustainable solutions.

About Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures is a technology company that is working to make the global energy transition a reality.  The company specializes in ammonia related technologies and products, including storage concepts for chemical and liquid energy carriers. Proton Ventures designs and builds pressurised and refrigerated ammonia storage facilities, small scale ammonia production facilities ‘NFuel’ units as well as SCR processes. For more information visit:

About Trammo

Trammo is a leading international merchandising and trading company that markets, trades, transports and distributes key raw materials used in industrial processes and fertilizer production globally. The Company is a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid and petroleum coke. In addition, Trammo is a producer and marketer of nitric acid in the United States.  The history of Trammo spans more than 55 years. For more information visit:

About VARO

VARO Energy (“VARO”) is an energy company operating throughout the complete downstream fuel supply chain with refining, storage, blending, distribution, sales and marketing assets. It safely delivers high-quality products from fossil and renewable sources to its national and international business customers and end-consumers. The company owns a refinery in Cressier, Switzerland, a majority share in the Bayernoil refinery, Southern Germany, as well as storage facilities, distribution and marketing businesses in Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland. VARO’s shareholders include Carlyle International Energy Partners, an advisory fund which is part of the global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group; and international energy and commodities company Vitol. For more information about VARO, please visit

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam supports the Transhydrogen Alliance and will facilitate the further development of NFuels businesses in and from the Port of Rotterdam towards the Hintenland. The Port of Rotterdam employs some 1500 professionals and is dedicated to greening the Port of Rotterdam as well as it facilitates new initiatives for green energy production, storage and re-distribution, allowing it to have a key position in green energy in the future. For more information visit:

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