New e-truck charging hub in the Port of Rotterdam


The road transportation sector represents one fifth of the EU's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to the IEA, to get on track for net zero emissions by 2050, CO2 emissions from the transport sector must fall by more than 3% per year to 2030.

Industry largely relies on commercial fleets to transport goods, traditionally powered via conventional fuels. At VARO, we are proud of the part we play, through our e-Mobility strategy, in helping decarbonise commercial road transportation by accelerating the electrification of commercial fleets.

A great example of this is the e-charging hub at Antonie Bodaanweg (Waalhaven) within the Port of Rotterdam, inaugurated on the 26th of January 2024. Initiated by the Port of Rotterdam and Truckparkings Rotterdam Exploitatie BV, this is the first of its kind in the heart of logistic Rotterdam and Europe’s largest port.

VARO Charging is proud to have partnered with Truckparkings Rotterdam, a market leader in secured truck parking, to operate this charging site. Offering a 24/7 charging solution, we ensure a sustainable energy supply for all battery-electric heavy-duty trucks and coaches. This is enabled via the software of Road, a key e-Mobility European company in which VARO holds the majority stake.

This is another milestone in our growing e-Mobility business, which is playing a leading role in partnering with customers to decarbonise mobility.

More information on the e-charging hub can be found through the following link,

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