Meeting with our partners at Höegh Autoliners


Our CEO, together with representatives from our VARO team, recently met with our partners at Höegh Autoliners' - COO Sebjørn Dahl, Henrik Andersson, Head of Decarbonisation, and their energy team.

Höegh Autoliners, among the largest shipping companies globally, is one of our ‘Customer Lighthouses’ and a strategic partner for VARO. In December 2023, we announced a strategic partnership, committing to partner with them on their decarbonisation journey, including supplying them with 100% advanced biofuels.

The VARO team was inspired by the very impressive and path breaking progress they have achieved in their decarbonisation journey - approximately 30,000mt of CO2e prevented in 2023. During the visit, they had the chance to learn about their plans to improve the carbon efficiency of their fleet – including the Aurora Class vessels, first in the world PCTC vessels (Pure Car and Truck Carriers) to be ready to run on ammonia. This positions them at the forefront of zero-emission international shipping. VARO, together with other partners of Höegh Autoliners, are supporting them in advancing sustainable shipping solutions and decarbonising an industry.
This partnership is the work of dedicated teams on both sides. Together, we are trying to move the needle with customers in sustainable energies businesses.

Looking ahead, we are exploring opportunities to expand our partnership.