Interview in Newsweek : “At VARO, the energy transition means also repurposing existing infrastructure”


Thought Leadership

Our CEO, Dev Sanyal, was recently interviewed by the Investment Report for Newsweek, covering the energy transition and the importance of existing infrastructure. 


The need to accelerate the energy transition is a reality.

The key to a just transition though is to look at the larger picture, as this transition is not only a climate one but also a social and economic one. When we speak of repurposing, we need to consider all elements - assets, skills and people. Unlike the coal transition which left both physical and emotional scars, VARO aspires for everyone to be part of this energy transition. We invest into transforming existing assets, while creating something new out of them rather than selling. The latter approach solves the issue for a company, but not for the planet. We are also committed to reskill our people and give them new opportunities, as we rely on their expertise and intend for them to play a critical role in our own transition.

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