Fire-side chat during Reuters Energy Transition Europe 2022 conference: “Accelerating the energy transition must be the answer to the current energy crisis”


Thought Leadership

During the Reuters Events “Energy Transition Europe 2022” conference, our CEO, Dev Sanyal discussed in a fire-side chat with Luke Brett, the current challenges the energy industry is facing. He  summarized them in three Cs - Conflict, Cost and Carbon and also spoke about the antidotes to these challenges - Diversification, Decentralisation and Decarbonisation.

In VARO Energy, we are actively seeking to accelerate our strategic plans by:

  • Continuing to repurpose our conventional energies assets, and transitioning them into the future.
  • Building new businesses, and business models, enabled by our value-chain integration and technology investments.
  • Setting short term ambitious targets as well as long-term ones. This is about us taking action.
  • Being agile and fast-paced to respond to our customers’ needs.
  • Working together with partners – including governments and corporates - to achieve all the above.

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