Financing in the energy transition and International Women’s Day: CEO’s perspective


In the energy transition, the presence of well-structured financial mechanisms is pivotal for success. This has been underscored by the recent COP28 discussions on mobilising funds for the transition to green energy by governments, financial institutions and industrial players.

Recognising the critical role of financing in driving this transition, achieved a significant milestone in July 2023 by securing a $3.33 billion financing package, with a substantial portion earmarked for our sustainable energy initiatives. Furthermore, our company successfully obtained its inaugural green loan, totaling $165 million.

One exemplary leader championing this cause is Jessica Kangeli, VARO's Group Treasurer & Corporate Finance Director. Having dedicated her entire career to the energy sector with a focus on natural resources and utilities, Jessica's leadership exemplifies the diversity of thoughts and skills sought after at VARO. Beyond her professional expertise, Jessica is a citizen of the world – having lived in South Africa, Greece, the UK and now Switzerland – and a mother. These experiences give her the unique perspective, agility, and boldness needed to inspire change and accelerate the energy transition.
In celebration of International Women’s Day, I would like to thank Jessica and all the outstanding women of VARO for their inspiration and leadership in driving the positive change we aspire to see in the world.