Cressier manufacturing hub: cleared access


This morning, activists blocked access to our manufacturing hub of Cressier and as a result, interrupted deliveries to our customers in the early hours. The situation has now been peacefully resolved.
Safety is the top priority for VARO.
While we fully respect everyone’s right to express their views, VARO is committed to ensure the safety of everyone in our sites (employees, customers, partners – and the activists) at all times. Every day our people work hard to deliver products to our customers in a safe and responsible way.
The team on site was in close cooperation with the local police throughout this incident to ensure that it was resolved peacefully. We are relieved that no one was hurt during this incident.
The manufacturing hub of Cressier is a key asset for the supply of energy in Switzerland. We are committed to the security of supply at all times, and especially in these critical times.
VARO is also developing opportunities in repurposing our facilities for new energy products as part of the energy transition. Our “twin-engine” strategy, which we publicly released on 5th July, seeks to do precisely this.

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