Article in La Tribune de Genève : “Our ONE VARO Strategy includes the repurposing of our infrastructure”


Dev Sanyal had a conversation with Pierre-Alexandre Sallier from La Tribune de Genève after the announcement of our new ONE VARO Transformation Strategy and the investments we are making in our journey toward sustainable energy solutions and being Net Zero by 2040.

He spoke about the future of our refineries – or what we call manufacturing hubs. The refineries of today, which are run on hydrocarbons at present, will become the manufacturing hubs of tomorrow, with the production of green hydrogen, bio-products etc. They will still produce energy – but just a different kind of energy. We believe the energy transition will be driven by building new infrastructure but equally important, by repurposing existing infrastructure – todays refineries, pipelines, and distribution assets.

VARO’s strategic intent is clear. We have a clear plan to repurpose our existing infrastructure, including refineries, and therefore progressively shift VARO towards producing more carbon-neutral energies on an industrial scale. And we are already leveraging our existing infrastructure and expertise and adapting it to the changing needs of our customers.

In January in Cressier, we started the construction of the largest ground-mounted solar power plant in Switzerland. We will in future use waste feedstock to produce biofuels. In Bayernoil, we are investing in an electrolyser that will make it possible to produce green hydrogen. And there is more to come.

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