A message from our CEO Dev Sanyal



As someone who has lived in 7 countries, I’ve always found journeys very exciting. Every departure feels like an adventure and the trip is often enriching in ways we can't imagine as we set off.

Today is my first day as the new CEO of VARO Energy. It is the beginning of a new journey and I feel energised, honoured & privileged to have been given the opportunity to lead a team of such extraordinary people.

We are well into the beginning of an energy transition, which is undoubtedly complex. The operative word is “transition” where existing infrastructure will be re-purposed and new ones built to connect supply to demand.

We can’t simply flip the switch and adopt new technologies or new ways of doing things overnight. But we do need to find sustainable solutions – in its fullest sense of the word in terms of the environment and commercial value - and quickly take these next determined steps for the future.

The reality is that in the absence of straight lines to targets, the energy transition offers tremendous opportunities for those who can seize them and I am firmly convinced that VARO is perfectly positioned to do just that:

  • VARO is entrepreneurial and has demonstrated agility to quickly react to new opportunities
  • VARO has built up the know-how and muscle required to integrate new business solutions efficiently and effectively
  • VARO has proven itself as a reliable partner to its customers who have changing needs as they shift to cleaner forms of energy
  • VARO has built a diverse team of highly engaged professionals who are motivated and committed to finding new solutions

 I am very grateful to our supervisory board who have a clear vision and commitment for our company to be leading in the energy transition. Their expertise, direction and encouragement will be invaluable. 

Today is a new day. It is the beginning of a new adventure. A journey in which we must go thoughtfully but with pace. It will require judgement and perspective alongside ability. It’s a journey that I am convinced will bring significant results for our Stakeholders – customers, investors and partners -, our Staff and Society.

And we can look forward to it with the confidence of the foundation that has been built and that we will need to continue to strengthen as we seize the opportunities that this energy transition will bring. 
Thank you.